According to their own mythos, the kobolds of Khorvaire originated at the very dawn of the world of Eberron. When blood was shed during the battle among the progenitor dragons, Siberys, Eberron and Khyber, the kobolds emerged from the sacred fluids which fell.

Most non-kobold scholars discount this view since it would make kobolds even older than the races of true dragons, which descended from Siberys, but among kobolds it is considered fact.

Kobolds have a natural ability with magic, a factor which they claim lends credibility to their beliefs of origin. Many kobolds become sorcerers or have a minor capability with magic.

Kobolds also have a natural ability with mining and because of their small size are able to get to veins of ore that even dwarves might have trouble reaching. They seem to like to set traps, perhaps a natural instinctive defense mechanism; they often enhance the traps protecting their mines and homes with minor magic.

Note: Kobolds’ native skill with magic combined with their mastery of mechanical devices in the form of traps would also incline one to believe that artifice might be a natural talent among kobolds, but this has not been consistently observed by outsiders to be the case. Of course, this does not mean that it is not true.

Kobold Society

Ternmolik, or “stonescales” in the common Galifaran tongue, are the kobolds who perform the prosaic tasks such as farming, gathering and crafting for the community.

Gix, or “claws” in the common Galifaran tongue, are the soldiers and hunters of the kobold community.

Iejirastrix, or “blood seers” fulfill the role of priests, prophets and magic-men for the community, claiming to hear the voices of the progenitor dragons, and leading the clans.


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