Eberron Calendar


The past shapes the present, setting the stage for the future that is to come. On Eberron, a rich and tangled history has helped craft the current era. What follows are highlights of ages past. The common era is reckoned from the birth of the Kingdom of Galifar (in the Year since the founding of the Kingdom, or YK). Events from the more distant past are shown as a number of years before the current day (–10,000,000, for example).


Zarantyr (January),
Olarune (Feb),
Therendor (Mar),
Eyre (April),
Dravago (May),
Nymm (June),
Lharvion (July),
Barrakas (Aug),
Rhaan (Sept),
Sypheros (Oct),
Aryth (Nov),
Vult (Dec)

Crya – The Blood of Vol’s 13th Month, as they still use the oldest active calendar used on Eberron, the Qabalrin Wheel, which was developed when there was still a 13th moon in the sky.


There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. The days are as follows;
Sul (Sunday)
Mol (Monday)
Zol (Tuesday)
Wir (Wednesday)
Zor (Thursday)
Far (Friday)
Sar (Saturday)

Holy Days

Date Special Day Type of Day Location Description
9 Olarune Crystalfall Celebration/Contest Sharn To celebrate the fallen Glass Tower sculptors carve ice towers and throw them into the Dagger River
20 Olarune The Day of Mourning Anniversary Khorvaire This marks The Day of Mourning, when Cyre was destroyed. People observe in many ways.
15 Therendor Sun’s Blessing Holy Day Khorvaire
26 Dravago Aureon’s Crown Holy Day Khorvaire
12 Nymm Brightblade Holy Day Khorvaire
23 Lharvion The Race of Eight Winds Sporting Event Sharn Contestants fly all around Sharn in attempt to win the race and prestige.
4 Barrakas The Hunt Holy Day Khorvaire
25 Barrakas Fathen’s Fall Holy Day Khorvaire
9 Rhaan Boldrei’s Feast Holy Day Khorvaire
18-19 Sypheros Wildnight Holy Night Khorvaire At sunset on Wildnight, worshipers and the nonfaithful alike give vent to their passions, in a raucous festival dedicated to the Fury.
11 Aryth Thronehold Anniversary Khorvaire This marks the day of the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the end of The Last War.
26-28 Vult Long Shadows Holy Festival Khorvaire Dark magic dominates this three-day period that honors the Shadow.
13 Crya Revelations Day Holy Day Blood of Vol A day venerated by the Blood of Vol, changes every year due to their 13 month Calendar.

Sporting Events

*Hrazhak *Skyblades *Six Stones
Draconic Constellations (Gods of the Dragons)
Constellation Draconic Association
Aasterinian Invention and trade
Astilabor Wealth
Bahamut Protection and good fortune
Chronepsis Fate and prophecy
Falazure Death and decay
Garyx Chaos and destruction
Hlal Humor
Io Magic and knowledge
Lendys Justice and law
Tamara Life
Tiamat Greed and power

Eberron Calendar

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