Dol Arrah

“The Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice,”

Alingment: Lawful Good

Dol Arrah is the light, not only of the sun, but of the best aspects of the mortal soul. She is the god of honor, forthrightness, and self-sacrifice. Many Vas- sals see her as no less vital to civilization than Aureon and Boldrei, and they believe that when the mortal races accept this truth, the world will become much brighter. Dol Arrah is the patron of paladins, diplomats, all who seek justice, and warriors who fight with wisdom and honor as much as with
weapons. To a lesser extent, she is also the patron of explorers, who bring the light of knowledge to dark places, and to all who revere the sun. She aids Arawai by lighting her way during the growing season.

Portfolio: Honor, sacrifice, light, the sun, diplomacy.

Domains: Glory‡,Good,Law,Sun, War.

Priest Training: Dol Arrah’s priests must have the highest integrity. Many were warriors, diplomats, or law officers before becoming priests. In all cases, they are people of sterling reputation.

Quests: Dol Arrah’s priests quest to bring peace to warring factions, to expose deceptions, to aid soldiers fighting for justice, and to defend the helpless against invaders.

Prayers and Rites: Dol Arrah does not require spe- cific items for sacrifice, so long as they have true meaning to the petitioner.

Shrines: Dol Arrah’s shrines have large east-facing windows, to let in the light of the dawn. They are normally stone and are easily defensible, though not as fortresslike as those of her brother Dol Dorn.

Favored Weapon: Halberd.

Dol Arrah

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