Character Background

  1. What are your character’s goals in life? What do they want most of all? What are they willing to do to obtain that?
  2. What does your character look like?
  3. What was their upbringing like? How was it compared to their community?
  4. How did the Last War affect them? Their loved ones?
  5. Where did your character learn or train their skills?
  6. How do they feel about religion? What is their patron god/gods? What role have they played in the character’s life?
  7. What are 3 traits describe your character’s personality?
  8. How do they feel about: Superiors? Authority figures? Laws? Groups? Government in General? People in General?
  9. What are their views on killing? Have they killed before? Who was the first person they killed? How and why?
  10. What weapons are their familiar with? How did they learn to use them?
  11. What role does honor play in combat? Will they kill an unwary opponent? Will they use force to take what they want? If so, even if it belongs to someone who hasn’t wronged them? Would they accept an opponent’s yield? If yes, even one from a dishonorable opponent? Would they kill someone defenseless? If no, even if directly ordered by a god/superior?
  12. What is your character’s view on magic?
  13. Does your character have any enemies or allies?
  14. What is a ‘friend’ worth? Would you betray them? Sell them out? Would you protect a friend even if it put you in serious danger?
  15. What is the value of civilians you’ve never met? Is it worth risking your life for another you don’t know?

I pledge allegiance too _______.

The last thing in the world I’d want is _______.

I’ll rest easy when _______.

Books are good for _______.

Physical weapons are _______.

I learn by _______.

The best defense is _______.

The best offense is _______.

He who runs away _______.

When in doubt _______.

Thank heavens I always carry _______.

My greatest advantage is _______.

Character Background

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