“The Sovereign of Law and Lore,”

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Aureon is lord of all knowledge, and the scribe of laws without which civilization could not exist. He is also the god of magic as a tool of mortals (as opposed to the Shadow, who represents magic in its uncontrolled, primal state). He is the patron of teachers and scholars, judges and sages, lawyers and wizards. While scripture does not place any of the gods above the others, myth has it that Aureon often directs the actions of the Host—not due to any authority he might wield, but because the others trusthisjudgmentandability to foresee consequences.

Portfolio: Law, knowledge, learning, logic, magic.

Domains: Force‡, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind‡, Oracle‡, Spell‡.

Priest Training: Aureon’s priests must be educated or at least knowledgeable, capable of rational thought, and able to place the needs of the law above their own emotions. Many serve as magistrates or government officials, and a significant number
have some arcane skill.

Quests: Aureon encour- ages his followers to seek out lost lore, to make new dis- coveries, and to hunt down lawbreakers and dangerous creatures of wild magic.

Prayers and Rites: Aureon’s rites are formal, with specific methods of offering
thanks or requesting favors. Sacrifices can be almost anything, so long as they have value to the petitioner and represent a willingness to place material acquisition below the desire for understanding. Oaths to tell the truth, such as before a magistrate, are often taken in Aureon’s name.

Shrines: Shrines to Aureon are normally stone and contain many carvings that support the acquisition of knowledge, such as historical murals. All contain a library of some sort, even if the community can manage no more than a table strewn with a handful of books or parchments.

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff.

Holy Symbol: An open tome,or the Octogram in shades of black and white, representing both ink on paper and the sharp division between knowledge and ignorance.


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